Couple smiles in rearview mirror of vintage car at Bradley Estate Engagement Photos

February 3, 2024

Amanda Curry

Vintage Car Inspired | Bradley Estate Engagement Photos | Bridget & Brendan

Ready to dive into the story of Bridget and Brendan’s stunning fall Bradley Estate engagement photos? Picture this: my good friends hand in hand, strolling through the stunning grounds, surrounded by the vibrant colors of autumn. Also, they even raised the bar by adding a dash of classic charm to their session by renting a wicked cool vintage car, which absolutely oozes timeless and elegant charm.

Now that I have your attention, let’s rewind to that gorgeous early October evening at Bradley estate. Bridget and Brendan, all set to say ‘I dos’ at The Bradley Estate in July 2024, decided to capture their engagement photo magic at the same spot, digitally and on film — a couple after my own heart! To spice things up, they rolled up in a classic Jeepster car. I couldn’t be more obsessed if I wanted to!

Their Bradley Estate Engagement Photos:

Couple puts heads together in jeepster at Bradley Estate Engagement Photos
black and white photo of engaged couple at Bradley Estate Engagement Photos
Couple sits in the back of a vintage car at retro Bradley Estate Engagement Photos
film photo of legs up in vintage car at Bradley Estate Engagement Photos
Couple sits in vintage car at Bradley Estate Engagement Photos

Blending digital and film photography

Their engagement session definitely was a blend of old-school film photography and crisp, modern, digital photos. Film photography is my favorite because it gives that timeless, artsy feel with grainy textures and warm colors. On the flip side, digital snaps those crystal-clear, candid moments, freezing them forever in time.

And can we talk about Bridget and Brendan’s chemistry? They met at UMASS and have been dating for over 8 years, so they’re in it for the long haul. As a photographer, I am just obsessed with freezing their laughter. They are pure joy. And for me, I’m in this for capturing those precious, unscripted bits they’ll cherish forever.

The Bradley Estate engagement photos create unforgettable memories, especially in the anticipation and excitement of planning their wedding.

Share your own love story through Bradley Estate Engagement Photos

Whether you’re planning your own engagement shoot or just soaking in the love vibes, their fall engagement session is the perfect mix of timeless elegance and heart-melting, candid moments. Stay tuned for more photography inspo as you capture your unique love story – after all, it’s all about freezing those beautiful moments in your own fantastic way.

Cheers to love!


The Venue: The Bradley Estate

The Bradley Estate in Canton, MA, is a gorgeous spot to schedule your wedding or engagement session!T he expansive grounds of The Bradley Estate provide a picturesque backdrop, so I would advisable bringing an extra set of shoes or wedges if you are walking on the grass!

The Vintage Car: Timeless Wheels Events

If you are looking to elevate your next event or photoshoot, I highly recommend Timeless Wheel Events. Their collection of beautifully maintained classic cars, especially “Roy,” is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests! Moreover, you can rock a 10% off discount when they choose to rent “Roy” for your upcoming event or photoshoot. Schedule your engagement session or wedding with me to get that discount!

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